Titans News · Keep Going!

Hope everyone is taking it day by day and enjoying some family time at home.   Life moves pretty fast and this has forced us all to slow down, which isn’t a bad thing sometimes.  I feel your frustration at not being able to compete and get our spring seasons underway; there are no answers as of yet.

In the meantime keep going! Use this as an opportunity to explore your individual self belief and rediscover why you enjoy being an athlete.  So often we get caught up in practices, performance, expectations and peer groups that we forget why we started playing these sports in the first place.   Have a catch with a sibling , juggle past your personal best,  chip in the back yard,  hit some backhands against the garage door,  race against yourself.

Coaches have been in contact with things you can do on your own and the weather is beginning to cooperate.  Morrow has Titan Training workouts for all levels whether you have a weight rack, just dumb bells or nothing at all.  Check it out:  TITAN TRAINING WORKOUTS LINK    Hope all of you are well– take care